Our Team

Our Team

Hamid M Tehrani P.E

Director of Engineering and Project Management

Mr. Tehrani brings 25+ years of experience in land development, civil engineering, construction management of commercial, industrial, and residential projects within Federal and State governments as well as serving many businesses and individuals in various capacities.

Mr. Tehrani’s aptitude for planning and design not only sets up the foundational elements of projects but further embodies on Raheja Construction philosophy “if we take our time to plan and to design right the build and construct would be a smooth process.”

Large array of Mr. Tehrani’s projects brings to Raheja Construction vast experience in working with multiple local jurisdictions in varying capacities, including but not limited to feasibility studies, master planning, structural engineering, and scaffolding engineering as well as many other aspects of project management.

As the Director of Engineering and Project Management Mr. Tehrani plays a pivotal role in all project phases from begin to end.

Richard R Stone, MBA

Director of Operations

Mr. Stone’s experience and expertise finds its basis in almost 30+ years in the Insurance, Risk Management and Financial Services where he partnered with Nationwide, Nationwide Financial Network and a myriad of top Fortune 500 companies.

He headed up his company at Stone Financial where he specialized helping many small and medium size businesses handle their Risk Management, Insurance and Financial Growth Goals.

Mr. Stone’s experience in institutionalizing best practices and standards in situations with heavy set of variables is a key asset to Raheja Construction especially because no land or a construction project that we work on have the same characteristics. Mr. Stone’s ability to think out-of-the-box and to bring innovative solutions that optimizes the time to market not allows projects to be on time and on budget but also provides our clients a true partner who takes ownership and control in getting this to done in efficient and effective manner.

Mr. Stone currently is the Director of Operations at Raheja Construction where he heads up operational and management strategies that seek growth and high yield while maintaining focus on outcome integrity and quality control.

Aziz Osman

Director of Finance and Acquisitions

Mr. Osman 30+ experience within real estate is incomparable. Being part of the team at NV Homes for over 15+ years, Mr. Osman gained valuable experience in the development of financing and growth strategies for developing land and creating communities. He has led multiple settlement companies in various capacities, including: Capital Title and Escrow, Metro Title and Settlement and Congressional Title and Escrow.

Mr. Osman’s experience within the title, escrow and settlement has fostered the principles of finance and acquisitions within the world of real estate. He is able to be provide invaluable advice by the virtue of his extensive experience and having an eye for inconsistencies or abnormalities on any property.

As a Director of Finance and Acquisition at Raheja Construction, Mr. Osman is vital to the Raheja Construction fiduciary responsibilities and to ensure compliancy with local, state and federal authorities.

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